Our mission is to promote health and vitality by EMPOWERING MOTION in our Lifestyles and Communities

Core Values

At EW Motion therapy, we:

  1. Provide an exceptional client experience that consistently exceeds expectations.
  2. Recognize every body and every mind has its own unique potential.
  3. Employ an approach that is medically founded, diligently measured, and consistently yields
    good client outcomes.
  4. Promote an environment of continual learning, encouragement, and professionalism for our
    staff, clients, and greater community.
  5. Maintain clean and state of the art facilities.


At EW Motion Therapy, we believe that every human being has a unique potential for movement. Whether you are a triathlete, an avid golfer or tennis player, or simply want to get around your home and community more comfortably, the ease with which you move is often the deciding factor in your quality of life. Whatever you want to do or whatever your stage of life, our goal is to help you achieve your optimal level of mobility so that you can do it better.

Our unique approach has evolved from the discipline of physical therapy and a detailed understanding of human anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology. Many physical therapists treat your injuries by focusing narrowly on an affected joint or muscle. At EW, we are students of movement, and we treat your body as an integrated, connected system.