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What Our Customers are Saying

"I began going to EW for physical therapy in 2015 based on a recommendation from a friend. The quality of the PT experience is unlike any other clinic that I have seen. I very much appreciate the encouragement and positivity of their staff, the one on one attention and their willingness to accommodate my schedule when possible. EW is always a welcoming atmosphere with a very personal feel."

"EW’s integration of platforms has always appealed to me. The in-depth training of their staff across disciplines and excellent communication between the physical therapists and fitness staff results in an efficiently run continuum of wellness services. The attention and focus provided by the staff always results in a maximum benefit with minimal risk of injury. They do not use a “one size fits all” approach to training or physical therapy services, which gives me confidence that I am improving my fitness and wellness in a way that fits my personal situation and specific needs."

"I have been going to EW for yoga for over 5 years. My class is led by a physical therapist who is very knowledgeable about the limitations of our bodies, which gives me comfort to know that I am in the best place! The atmosphere is quaint, personable, upbeat and fun."