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personal training

Transform yourself with personal training in a safe environment.

Personalized exercise programming so you can be fit, strong, and confident.

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You deserve workouts that don’t end in pain or injury.

We understand how pain can be limiting in an active lifestyle, and how difficult a journey of transformation can be, especially when you do not know where to start.

Getting started is hard enough - finding a program that doesn’t end up hurting you can be harder. Even worse,  falling into an endless cycle of starting and stopping programs makes you feel stuck in a pattern of continual failure.

Everyone deserves a trainer who can put your priorities first and ensure your safety. 

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Become the best version of yourself.

When you find a trainer who supports your journey and makes sure your workouts are tailored to your needs, you gain a trusted partner who always has your best interest at heart.

Strengthen Yourself

Building strength isn’t just lifting weights. Your trainer explores all options to find strength-building programs best suited for you. Your commitment to lifelong strength-building starts with the guidance of trainers you trust. 

Move With Confidence

Don’t let the fear of injury hold you back from pursuing your personal fitness. Learn from programs designed to ensure your safety, with your past experience and injuries in mind.

Improve Health and Vitality

Fitness is the key to a long and healthy life. Our trainers are here to encourage you and ensure that you are exercising in the best way to achieve your goals.

Active Recovery

Recovery is just as important as the training itself. Improve tissue quality, increase training tolerance, and reduce injury risk as you learn to recover.

Hear what other clients have to say.

We are one of a myriad of personal training options in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, but let our customers’ words speak for themselves.

"What I’ve learned over my years of playing in the NFL is that you can be as strong as you want to be; but if you aren’t training mobility, you will run into soft tissue injuries. Since working with Jesse at EW Motion Therapy, I’ve not only become a better athlete, but I’ve helped add years onto my football career by incorporating mobility training."

"I choose EW Fit because my trainer (Brad Atkinson) knows exactly how to challenge and motivate me while ensuring I work safely. If I arrive with a pain or stiffness, he modifies the session to accommodate and assist in recovery, while still providing an effective workout. In addition to the physical health benefits, I simply feel better about myself! EW does not have the feel of a “gym” or “health club”. Instead, it’s a community of people (of all ages) working with skilled trainers to enhance their physical condition and quality of life."

"I have been working out at EW Fit since 2007. Their trainers deliver a comprehensive total body approach to fitness while making it fun! I feel so much better when I am working out at EW Fit on a regular basis."

Your personal training questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our personal training program? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients.

Does insurance cover personal training?

What should I wear for personal training sessions?

How many times per week should I strength train?


Invest in your fitness.

No matter which of our training options best fits your budget, we guarantee personalized instruction and safe recommendations in all of our sessions. 


Pricing Options:

  • $80 for a private session
  • $50 for 1/2 hour private session
  • $50 for semi-private session (2 clients)
  • $35 for classes

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Begin your fitness transformation with a safe and sustainable approach.

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