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Now Open- Liberty Park

Life-changing physical therapy, Pilates and personalized training in Liberty Park, Alabama.

You deserve a place with a collection of services designed to conquer pain and injury when they occur, to help you stay fit, powerful, and in control of your health and wellness.

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Liberty Park

Serving athletes and families in a tight-knit community.

Our Liberty Park clinic offers personalized physical therapy and wellness programs, all under one roof and close to all the action.

Our physical therapists and movement specialists are passionate about continuing their education, and they make your personal goals their number one priority.

Our Liberty Park team is exceptional, and they will use their expertise to create a care plan that works with your lifestyle and needs.

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Personalized care in Birmingham's fastest-growing community.

Liberty Park is one of Birmingham's newest areas perfect for families. With golf courses, shopping, and a sprawling sports complex, every family can find activities to do together. Every Liberty Park resident, from student-athletes to parents, deserves a physical therapist who can tailor care to your needs - someone who helps you work toward your goals, while encouraging you to be your best self. 

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Hear what some of James' clients have to say.

Still unsure whether our Liberty Park location is right for you? Here are some client success stories.

"James Ingram has been such a blessing in my life along with the other therapists at EW. James assessed my condition and knew exactly what needed to be done to get me to walking again. Not only is he professional and intelligent in his field, he has a caring attitude for his patients. James makes sure to ask questions to provide the right care. He along with the other therapists at EW provide quality care and a pleasant environment to visit."

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Excellent physical therapy and wellness programs in your neighborhood.

When you experience the seamless integration of physical therapy and wellness programs under one roof, you will never want to go anywhere else. Let our physical therapists and movement specialists in Liberty Park give you an individualized experience - you will not regret the investment in yourself.

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