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Balance / Fall Prevention

Reduce your fall risk with balance physical therapy.

Don’t let your fear of falling hold you back from living the life you want. Learn to move safely with a customized plan to build strength and improve balance.

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Move confidently without fear of falling.

When you feel unsteady on your feet, you begin to live with constant anxiety. The fear of falling can become a downward spiral - you start avoiding things you used to do, and it only serves to increase your fall risk. You deserve a trusted therapist who can provide reassurance, clear direction, and guide you toward a safe, independent life. 

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Pursue independence and safe movement for a true lifestyle change.

When you can get the help you need to move about your day with ease, you can do anything you want. Go on a walk around your neighborhood or have lunch with a friend at a new restaurant - the choice is yours.  

Hear what your fellow clients have to say.

Unsure whether our physical therapy is right for you? Here are some client success stories.

"The quality of the PT experience is unlike any other clinic that I have seen. I very much appreciate the encouragement and positivity of their staff, the one on one attention and their willingness to accommodate my schedule when possible. EW is always a welcoming atmosphere with a very personal feel."

Your balance/fall prevention physical therapy questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our balance therapy? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients. 

Who can benefit from balance and fall prevention treatment?

Do you have therapists who specialize in balance therapy?

What does a balance therapy session look like?

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Out of pocket cost

Use your insurance - we accept most major providers.

Your out-of-pocket cost per visit ultimately depends on your insurance coverage, but we want to work with your budget to ensure you get the treatment you need. 


3 Most Common Scenarios:

  • $0-$60: Insurance with deductible MET
  • $55-$220: Insurance with deductible NOT MET
  • $60-$160: No Insurance / Private Pay
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Additional Balance Resources

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Overcome your barriers with every step that is stronger than the last.

When you can feel steady on your feet again, there is no limit to what you can achieve. We know the journey is not always easy, but there is great reward in every degree of function restored, like climbing stairs, brushing your teeth, or dressing yourself independently. 

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