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Reduce injury and improve recovery to run for a lifetime.

Stay in the race with an evaluation and customized plan to keep you running your best.

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Finish whatever race you’re competing in.

When pain or injury prevents you from doing what you love, we know the feelings of fear, confusion and self-doubt are real and valid.

Every runner deserves a coach who cares as much about running as you do and can provide clear direction to get you back on the road with confidence.

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Build strength and mobility to keep your body running.

Running can be a lifelong sport if you gain the tools to keep your body in the best shape possible. Implement successful strategies to give yourself the freedom to run anytime, anywhere, for however long you want. 

Hear what other runners have to say.

We have a running community here at EW, and trust is an integral part of any community. Here are some stories from runners we have had the pleasure of working with!

"I have been an EW Fit client for over 5 years and have continued to come because of the professionalism, comprehensive evaluation approach and level of expertise that I have experienced in their physical therapy and fitness training programs. The staff is always very sensitive and friendly, and I love their facilities. I highly recommend EW to family and friends when I have the chance!"

Your Run questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our Run program? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients.

What happens during a Run evaluation?

What should I wear to my Run evaluation?

Should I schedule a Run evaluation if I’m in pain?

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Invest to run for a lifetime.

A Run evaluation performed by one of our movement specialists will set you on the best path for improved performance based on the unique combination of your body, movement, and running patterns. 


Pricing Options:

  • $275 EW Run Evaluation:
    1. Assesses posture, cadence, stride, and symmetry.
    2. Includes musculoskeletal screen and treadmill analysis.
    3. Basic strategies to address mobility and strength.

  • $475 EW Run Evaluation PLUS TWO PACKAGE
    1. MOBILITY: Advanced strategies to address mobility.
    2. STRENGTH: Advanced strategies to address strength. 
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Resources For Runners

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Hit the ground running.

Let our EW Run team help you become the runner you have always wanted to be. 

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