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EW Golf

Learn to move better so you can swing better.

Evaluations and customized programming to help you move the way your golf pro wants you to.

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Physical therapist teaching a golfer form

Eliminate dysfunction and play pain-free.

When your body cannot move the way you or your golf pro wants it to, you may have feelings of frustration, embarrassment, or feel that you are wasting time and money.

Even worse, if you are playing with pain, you may stop playing altogether.

You deserve a movement specialist who understands how your movement is directly correlated to your golf swing and can create an individualized plan so you can improve.

Physical therapist teaching a golfer form

Move better so you can golf better.

When you can move the way your swing coach wants you to, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lessons really are worth the investment.

Hear what your fellow golfers think.

Golf is a great way to build community, and whose opinion do you trust more than your fellow golfers? Here are some stories from satisfied customers.

“Mason didn't have the exact answers at the start and, it was a learning process for both of us. We kept in touch on a daily basis. Well, it's great to see the things that we are doing in the physical therapy room is working. I'm very diligent in my recovery process. After every event, I come to see Mason, as soon as possible. "

“Riley and Mason did a phenomenal job putting our teams thru the TPI assessment. They have a great understanding of the golf swing being players themselves and were able to help our strength coach put together programs that addressed our players mobility weaknesses. It also gave ourselves as coaches an understanding of where some of our players swing faults came from. I would highly recommend their services."

"Having someone like Mason on my team is extremely beneficial in treating and preventing injury. Mason’s certification in TPI has allowed him to pinpoint the areas where I might lack mobility or reveal certain areas that that need more attention when I train. Having Mason keep a consistent eye on my body and treating the troubled areas, have allowed me to move better in the gym and swing better on the course."

"Mason was great in isolating my sons rib injury and putting forth a very specific regimen that helped Noah to get back on the course sooner than expected and was able to play in one of the most prestigious junior golf tournaments just a month later. I highly recommend Mason and his team and thankful for their diligence that made an uncertain injury easier to overcome."

Your Golf questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our Golf program? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients.

What happens during a golf evaluation?

What qualifications does the EW Golf team have?

Do you see all levels of golfers?

Man teaching client proper posture for golf swing

Invest in your game.

A golf evaluation performed by a doctor of physical therapy will set you on the best path for improved performance based on the unique combination of your body, movement, and swing. 


Pricing options:

  • $275 Golf Evaluation
    1. Assesses posture, movement, and strength.
    2. Includes TPI screen and EW mobility assessment. 
    3. Basic strategies to improve mobility, build strength, and manage play. 

  • $575 Golf Evaluation PLUS THREE PACKAGE:
    1. Swing with Ease - Advanced strategies to improve your flexibility to swing freely and play pain-free. 
    2. Swing with Authority -  Advanced strategies to improve your strength and speed to hit the ball farther. 
    3. Take it to the course- Learn strategies to better manage play before, during and after your round.

  • EW Drive Fitness: 
    1. Play like a champion: Build mobility, strength and movement strategies.
    2. Pilates, CoreAlign, Personal Training, Yoga.
       - $90 for a private session
       - $50 per person for 2-person semiprivate
       - $35 for a 4-person class
Man teaching client proper posture for golf swing

Additional Golf Resources

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Benefit from a movement specialist on your golf coaching team.

Why do you need a movement specialist as part of your golf team, and not just a swing coach or a pro? Because a movement specialist can help your body do what your coach or pro is asking you to do. Let our movement specialists be part of your team.

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