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Move and feel your best with a customized bodywork program.

Improve your tissue health, flexibility, and mobility with hands-on therapy. 

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You deserve to move, feel, and perform well.

When minor aches, pains, or stiffness prevent you from performing at your best, you can end up feeling frustrated and stressed. Poor tissue health can affect how you move and feel, which can result in poor sleep and difficulty getting through your day.

A skilled clinician who can apply directed hands-on soft tissue therapy can help you relax, feel better, and move better.

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Pursue your goals with renewed energy.

When you can relieve your aches and pains, you can perform at your best. Whether you are a quarterback who needs to increase mobility in your throwing arm, or an office worker who needs to improve posture, reducing tension can help restore the energy you need throughout your day. 

More Than A Massage

BodyWork is based in human anatomy and physiology, and its primary purpose is to improve movement. Experience the difference of a customized tissue program built by a licensed physical therapist for your specific needs. 

Improve Your Health

How well your body functions is a direct reflection of your tissue health. A BodyWork session is designed to increase blood flow, improve posture, and promote balanced bodily systems. 

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Releasing tension is a great way to feel better. Tissue work along with breathing strategies are important steps in decreasing stress and improving your health.

Improve Recovery

Whether you have had a tough work week or you are training for a marathon, you need to prioritize how your muscles recover. Muscles that recover well function well down the road.  

Hear what other BodyWork clients say.

Still unsure whether our BodyWork program is right for you? Here are some client success stories. 

"I was initially referred by my doctor for physical therapy and have subsequently continued on a regular basis with EW Body. In my opinion, the distinguishing factors that set EW apart from other groups are the private rooms, consistency of care and focus of treatment. Additionally, the quality of customer service is always excellent. The treatment and wellness/exercise/prevention tips that I receive have been of great value to my mobility and overall function!"

"The treatment that I have received has been consistently excellent and every therapist has been committed to helping me improve my function and well-being. EW appears to always be on the cutting edge of treatment!"

Your BodyWork questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our BodyWork program? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients.

How is BodyWork different from a massage?

What kinds of conditions benefit from BodyWork?

Is the BodyWork program good for athletes?

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Invest in your tissue health.

A BodyWork program can be incredibly beneficial for your body - your stressed muscles will thank you, and they will perform and recover better in the future. 


Pricing Options:

  • $110 for 40 minutes.
  • $160 for 60 minutes.
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Additional BodyWork Resources

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Perform at a higher level with improved tissue health and flexibility.

When you can move about your day with less stress, and learn how to better prevent that stress, you can pursue your goals with renewed fervor. Don’t let a stressed body hold you back from the things you enjoy. 

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