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Become the gymnast you want to be.

Stay healthy, train harder, avoid injury, and perform at your highest level.

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You need a specialist who understands the physical and mental demands of your sport.

In gymnastics, your body and spirit are continuously under stress. Injuries are common, and when they do occur you may be unsure of who can help.

You may be wondering whether you can recover well or perform at your previous level. Along with not progressing, your injury can result in anxiety and undue mental stress. 

You deserve a guide who cares as much about preventing and bouncing back from injuries as you do.

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Perform at your highest level.

Whether you are wanting to improve performance, prevent injury, or get back to competing, you can learn to stay healthy and motivated and become the champion you want to be.

Hear what other clients have to say.

Unsure whether gymnastics is right for you? Here are some client success stories.

"I found it crucial to have a therapist with the understanding of the terminology and execution of specific sport skills and how to translate that into proper healing and training.  Without a knowledgable trainer who understands the end goal and level of stress your body needs to endure, you can heal but you can't get back to high impact demands of your skill/profession."

"Before I came to PT, I was in pain and limited in practice and training.  After treatment with Kayla, I was able to do more and return to my full workouts with no modifications.  I completed a very successful competition season and was the Level 8 All Around State Champion"

Your gymnastics questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our EW Gymnastics program? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients.

Do I need a referral for gymnastics physical therapy?

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

How is a gymnastics movement specialist different from my coach?

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Pricing: Injured vs Healthy Athlete


Use your insurance - we accept most major providers. Your out-of-pocket cost per visit ultimately depends on your insurance coverage, but we want to work with your budget to ensure you get the treatment you need. 

Pricing Options:

Injured- 3 Most Common Scenarios:

  • $0-$60: Insurance with deductible MET
  • $55-$220: Insurance with deductible NOT MET
  • $60-$160: No Insurance / Private Pay
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Pricing: Injured vs. Healthy Athlete

Healthy // Performance Evaluation

An EW Performance Gymnastics evaluation can help you stay healthy, train harder, avoid injury, and perform at your highest level.

$275 EW Gymnastics Performance Evaluation (GPE)

  1. Movement Analysis
  2.  Hands-on Mobility/Strength Assessment
  3. Body Positioning
  4. Skill Assessment
  5. Individualized Plan


  1. Power: prepare your body for the explosive demands of your sport. 
  2. Mobility: build better movement patterns to optimize performance.
  3. Stability: individualized strategies to improve balance.
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Additional Gymnastics Resources

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Become the champion you want to be.

Don't let injury, physical or mental stress keep you from doing the thing you love. Our physical therapists are here to help you move better so you can recover, train, and perform at your peak. 

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