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EW Nutrition

Learn to eat better so you can live better.

Safe, sustainable nutrition programming to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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Forge a path toward better nutrition and health.

With the overwhelming amount of options, the world of nutrition can be scary, confusing, and at its worst, harmful.

You may feel stuck in a cycle of failed plans and may be unsure of whom to trust. 

You deserve a trusted partner who can provide clear direction and guidance, because they care as much about your physical and mental wellbeing as you do.


Nutritionist helping woman

Take control of your nutrition.

With the proper tools, knowledge, and accountability, you can transform your quality of life.

Hear what your fellow nutrition clients think.

Still unsure whether EW Nutrition is right for you? Here are some stories from satisfied customers.

"As a runner, I maintained a fairly active lifestyle but had a hard time shedding extra pounds or keeping them off for any length of time. After a very successful first year of the coaching program, I have actually returned twice because I love the support and the accountability. And each subsequent time I am focusing on something new. The first time it was learning to approach food and eating differently with a goal of losing weight; now I am focusing on consistency and dialing in my systems and finding new ways to continually improve my overall deep health. There is truly something in this program for everyone."

"Brad was my EW Nutrition coach. He introduced me to the program and sent emails that would remind me to use the program. I like the software. It kept me disciplined about my eating/walking/meditation practice."

Your nutrition questions, answered.

Do you still have questions about our nutrition program? We understand if you do, so here are some helpful questions and answers from our clients.

What happens during an EW Nutrition evaluation?

What qualifications does the EW Nutrition team have?

Do you create plans for specific medical conditions?

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Invest in your health.

An EW Nutrition evaluation performed by a member of our team is a great first step toward a safe, sustainable lifestyle change. 

Pricing options:

  • $120 Nutrition Evaluation
    • 60-minute in-person consult
    • Personalized take-home guide
  • $500 EW Nutrition Coaching  
    • 3-month coaching package (renewable)
    • Procoach Nutrition Tracking App 
    • On-demand communication with EW Nutrition team member
    • Daily check-ins
    • Unlimited access to Precision Nutrition library of resources
grandmother with granddaughter adding veggies to blender

Additional Nutrition Resources

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Gain confidence, competence, and control.

When you have the right partner to walk alongside you as you make better health choices, you are on your way to achieving your goals, whatever they may be. You can live better by eating better.

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