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Dry Needling

Find pain relief and improve movement through dry needling.

Don’t let pain and tightness hold you back. Get relief with a dry needling session.

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Return to doing what you love with decreased pain and tension.

When you have muscle tension or pain that won’t let up, you might feel frustrated if you cannot find the right solution. You may have tried a massage, stretching, or some other method for relief, and when those did not provide results, you may have accepted the issue as a part of your life, even if it decreases your mobility.

You deserve a treatment that puts you on a path to healing so you can continue to do the things you love without pain.

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Reduce tension and improve your overall health.

Healthy tissue is essential for optimal performance. Ensure your wellbeing so you can maintain the hobbies and other activities you enjoy.

Hear what other clients have to say.

Still unsure whether our dry needling sessions are right for you? Here are some client success stories.

"Having been to other PT facilities in the past, I can say that this experience has been much different. The one-on-one and tailored approach definitely sets them apart from the rest."

"I have been an EW client for PT off and on for over 15 years. I won’t go anywhere else because they are simply the best in the business. Their staff is professional, they listen attentively and take a holistic approach to treatment and recovery. EW is great people and great results!"


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What is dry needling?

Is there medicine in the needle?

Where on my body can I be needled?

Does dry needling hurt?

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$30-$80 per session

Dry needling is usually not covered by health insurance, but our physical therapists will work with you to ensure you receive treatment in your budget.

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Never let tightness or pain slow you down again.

When your muscles finally relax during a needling treatment, the relief can be euphoric. With less stress, you can go about your day with confidence and the freedom to move however you need to.

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