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Life-changing physical therapy, Pilates and personalized training in Hoover, Alabama.

You deserve a place with a collection of services designed to conquer pain and injury when they occur, to help you stay fit, powerful, and in control of your health and wellness.

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Location Details

Hoover, Alabama

2300 sq ft of opportunity.

Our smallest clinic can be considered our mightiest.

Located minutes off of I-459 and close to both Hoover High School and the Met, the convenience of our Hoover location provides a space for our busy clients to take a pause in their day.

Our physical therapists in Hoover have many years of experience between them, and they combine their experience with their knowledge of human movement to create a treatment plan unique to your lifestyle, your body’s needs, and your personal goals.

Do you want to get on the floor to play with your grandkids, or does your son need to recover from a football injury? We can help you pursue either of those goals and any others you have set for yourself.

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Expert treatment for the greater Hoover area.

The Hoover area is an up and coming suburb. With multiple retail parks, large neighborhoods, a large school system, and the sports mecca that is the Hoover Met, this part of Birmingham is becoming more family-oriented and is constantly growing. With many school-age children playing sports, busy Hoover families deserve a place where they and their children can receive personalized, customized treatment and find some time to better themselves in the midst of their hectic lifestyle. 

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What our Hoover clients are saying.

Still unsure whether our Hoover location is right for you? Here are some client success stories. 

"Whether recovering from a surgery or receiving ongoing wellness treatment, my experience at EW has been very positive and beneficial. Their staff is consistently professional and their therapists are very creative in formulating unique exercise programs that ensure complete recovery and peak performance."

"Before I moved to Birmingham, I had been to several PT clinics for a chronic shoulder issue with very minimal results. The one-on-one approach and deep tissue work combined with exercise have been the difference for me and I am doing so much better!"

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The best physical therapy and wellness programs you’ll find in Alabama.

When you experience the seamless integration of physical therapy and wellness programs under one roof, you will never want to go anywhere else. Let our physical therapists and movement specialists in Hoover give you an individualized experience - you will not regret the investment in yourself. 

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