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Ethan White PT, MSPT

Chief Executive Officer, Founding Partner

Meet Ethan

Chief Executive Officer // Founding Partner // Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, MSPT // EW Motion Therapy

Ethan’s passion is promoting health and vitality by empowering motion. Since 1999, his focus has been on building relationships, providing an exceptional client experience, and recognizing that everybody and mind have their own unique potential. “From the beginning to the present, and into the future, we have and will continue to promote an environment of continual learning, encouragement, and professionalism,” Ethan says. “Guided by our core values and driven by mission, our goal is to be the standard of care!” Mike Eskridge, COPDE and founding partner of EW Motion Therapy, states, “Ethan is a visionary. From our humble beginnings as a small physical therapy clinic to our evolution towards integrated wellness and rehab facilities, he has ensured that our core values remain foundational to our success.” Ethan’s areas of interest include research and development, organizational process, integrating wellness and rehabilitation platforms, and patient care. He values the importance of staying connected with clients. To do so, he remains active with patient care, on a limited basis, at our Homewood facility. Ethan stays active through Pilates, jogging, other forms of exercise, snow skiing, and being outdoors. He loves music, great food, travel, snow skiing, and spending time with his family. A native of Nacogdoches, Texas, he has lived in Homewood since 1996. Education: UAB, Master’s of Physical Therapy (1993); Auburn University, Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (1991).