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Ivy Spencer PT, DPT

Lead Pilates Instructor

Meet Ivy

Licensed Physical Therapist // CoreAlign Instructor // Lead Pilates Instructor // EW Motion Therapy

Ivy is the founder and lead instructor of EW Motion Therapy Pilates. Ivy’s passion is to help people recognize and retrain unhealthy movement patterns and to provide clients with the tools they need to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. Ethan White, CEO and founding partner of EW Motion Therapy has referred to Ivy as “a true master integrator of the principles of movement, postural awareness, alignment, and lifestyle management.” Ivy doesn’t just teach Pilates exercise classes, she uses Pilates as a way to connect with her clients and build lifelong relationships centered around health and vitality. As our lead Pilates Instructor, Ivy teaches 25 to 30 classes per week, conducts weekly staff developmental training, and actively continues her pursuit of excellence through continuing education. She has received advanced training from Master Instructors including Cara Resser, Rachel Taylor Segel, Mary Bowen, and Marie-Jose Blom. Additionally, she has studied with Brent Anderson and Chrissy Romani-Ruby, who integrated Pilates into the field of physical therapy. Ivy is Mat, Reformer, and CoreAlign Certified and has advanced training in Tower and Chair through Balanced Body. Ivy’s areas of interest include chronic pain, osteoporosis, scoliosis, foot issues, and adolescents. She especially loves to hear people go from saying “I am too old or afraid to do that” to “Because I do Pilates, I can do that!” Ivy practices what she preaches. She loves moving, especially walking, hiking, yoga, and Pilates. She loves to cook, eat, be outside, and maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Her mission is to educate adolescents and adults on the importance of being good stewards of their bodies. Ivy’s extensive background in Pilates, physical therapy, yoga, personal training, and anatomy makes her unique in her field. She started teaching wellness programs in 1990, graduated with a degree in physical therapy in 1997, and began teaching Pilates in 2005. A native of Rome, Georgia, she has lived in Homewood since 1997.

Education: Balanced Body, CoreAlign (2018); Spiral Spine Pilates, Analyzing Scoliosis (2018); Pelvic Floor (2018, 2015, 2013); Gait Mechanics for Optimal Function (2018, 2015); Yoga, Advanced Training for Physical Therapists (2010, 2008, 2006, 2004); Balanced Body, Tower and Chair (2007); Phi Pilates, Reformer Certified (2005); Mat Certified (2004); ACE, Certified Personal Trainer (2004); Medical College of Georgia, Bachelor of Physical Therapy (1997); The University of Virginia, Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1990).