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Kathy White

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, MSPT

Meet Kathy

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, MSPT // EW Pilates Instructor // EW Core Align Instructor // EW Motion Therapy Homewood

Kathy’s passion is helping clients move better, gain independence, and achieve goals they never thought possible. She incorporates her background in physical therapy with Pilates principles to create individualized programs to help clients move better, feel better, and live better. Ivy Spencer, Lead Pilates Instructor at EW Motion Therapy Homewood, states, “Kathy packs Pilates and foundational movement principles into energetic, fun-filled private and small group sessions. She cares deeply for her clients and takes great pride when they accomplish goals once thought impossible through movement.” Her areas of interest include strength and conditioning in adult and aging clients, balance training and fall risk reduction, women’s health, and developing Pilates programming that promotes and builds independence through movement. Kathy has completed advanced training in Mat, Reformer, CoreAlign, MOTR, ARC, and the EW Motion Therapy Pilates program. Kathy stays active through a personal Pilates practice, gym workouts, snow skiing, dancing, and a love for outdoor activities. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. A native of Monroeville, Alabama, she has lived in Homewood since 1996.

Education: Balanced Body, Reformer 1 (2018); Balanced Body CoreAlign (2018); Balanced Body, MOTR and ARC (2018); Balanced Body, Mat 1 (2016); EW Motion Therapy Pilates Training Program (2016); UAB, Master’s of Physical Therapy (1993); Auburn University, Master’s of Exercise Physiology (1989); Auburn University, Bachelor of Science in Human Motion (1989).