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Kevin Coleman PT, DPT

Clinic Director of EW Tuscaloosa

Meet Kevin

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT , DPT // Clinical Director of EW Motion Therapy Tuscaloosa

Kevin’s passion is improving mobility, function, and performance so clients can live the lifestyle and perform the activities they enjoy. “Kevin is an outstanding clinician and manager,” says Jon Delk, COO and partner of EW Motion Therapy. “He produces excellent outcomes by combining a unique skill set that includes manual therapy and corrective exercise with a wealth of health and wellness knowledge. I guarantee it: Kevin can get you moving better, feeling better, and living better!” Kevin is responsible for patient care, management, and marketing. He leads and participates in weekly staff education, business development, and mentoring. A master evaluator of movement, Kevin combines his physical therapy background with experience in high–intensity interval training, athletics, and training to design individualized programs that maximize function. “Through education and experience,” Kevin states, “I adjust treatment plans and exercise routines based on body types and needs. To be successful, we must meet clients where they are, design individualized programs, and be present.” Kevin’s areas of interest include manual therapy, spinal dysfunction, overuse injuries, sports performance and injury prevention/rehabilitation, and exercise programming and prescription.Kevin practices what he preaches. He stays active through high–intensity interval workouts and strength training. He enjoys hunting, fishing, his dog, and being outside. Kevin is a native of Rainsville, Alabama and has lived in Tuscaloosa since 2016. 

Education: Stick Mobility Certification (2018); Alabama State University, Doctor of Physical Therapy (2012); University of Alabama, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (2007).