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Scott Sall PT, MSPT

Clinic Director of EW Motion Therapy Hoover

Meet Scott

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, MSPT // Certified Dry Needling Specialist // Clinical Director

Scott’s passion is to help people recognize their opportunity to improve, promote and retain healthy movement patterns through strategies and techniques that enhance their potential to move better, feel better, and live better. Scott has an extensive background in manual therapy, corrective exercise, client education, and dry needling. He provides hands-on care during client interventions to address movement impairments. Jon Delk, COO and partner of EW Motion Therapy, states, “Scott’s extensive work and training with the adolescent athlete, his knowledge of growth-related injuries, and his advanced skill of incorporating manual therapy with corrective exercise allows him to develop practical, safe, and effective treatment programs for patients from gymnasts to dancers to runners to football players.” Scott’s areas of interest include maximizing the potential of the adolescent athlete, developing sound lumbo-pelvic-hip-knee-ankle-foot strategies to promote injury prevention, growth-related injuries, sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, post–concussion rehabilitation, TMJ, neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. Scott is a Fellow with the Gray Institute and is certified in Dry Needling. Additionally, he is pursuing advanced training in CoreAlign integration. He stays active with Cross Fit, running, hiking, and photography and enjoys spending time with his family. A native of Chicago, Scott has lived in Birmingham since 1990.