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Caroline Durbin PT, DPT

Licensed Physical Therapist

Meet Caroline

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, DPT // Dry Needling Certified // LSVT Big Certified // EW Motion Therapy Hoover

Caroline is passionate about promoting healthy habits in all her patients and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Scott Sall, director of EW Motion Therapy Hoover, states, “Caroline has a unique ability to connect with her patients. Not only does she provide exceptional care for the diagnosis for which they see us, she uniquely incorporates the importance of sleep, nutrition, stress relief and exercise into their program so that they’re not only better during treatment but have a path for continued improvement.”

Caroline’s interests include Pilates, yoga, fall prevention, and correcting postural and movement imbalances. A Birmingham native, Caroline received her bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Auburn University in 2017, and she earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Samford University in 2021. Her hobbies include group exercise classes, going on walks or hikes, spending time with friends and family, and staying involved with her local church.