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Haley Johnston

Motion Specialist // Certified Personal Trainer // EW Motion Therapy Homewood

Sports Performance | Personal Training | Nutrition

By: Haley Johnston
April 27th, 2022

Most people understand how important water consumption is during the day. You probably have a general amount in your head of how much you should drink, but how do you know that you’re actually getting enough? Dehydration can cause many problems, so how do you ensure that you really are drinking the amount of water you need? 

Sports Performance | Personal Training | Nutrition

By: Haley Johnston
April 13th, 2022

If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to define your goals and figure out what you are willing to commit. For some, going on runs and adding more veggies to their grocery list is enough to make a difference, but that doesn’t always work for everyone. So when should you invest money into your weight loss journey? And with such a crowded market, what kind of weight loss plan should you pay for? 

Sports Performance | Nutrition

By: Haley Johnston
April 6th, 2022

If you are investigating a new diet plan, you are probably finding that many people have many different opinions about what is good and bad in a diet. One article says that you should not eat carbs, and one says you should go fat-free, gluten-free, or something else in between. You may have heard some people refer to “good” carbs, proteins, or fats, and you may wonder, what makes these foods “good”? How should I tell the difference between a good carb, protein, or fat and a bad one?