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Marika Sanchez

Billing Coordinator // EW Motion Therapy

Physical Therapy

By: Marika Sanchez
May 11th, 2022

Having enough money for medical expenses is a concern that many people have. It is unfortunate how money stress can impact a person’s ability to rest and recover from a procedure or an injury. If you have an ongoing medical condition, it might be wise to open a health savings account (HSA) if you qualify to set money aside for your medical expenses. But how do you know if you are eligible for an HSA? And should you even open one in the first place? 

Physical Therapy

By: Marika Sanchez
October 18th, 2021

When you want to begin physical therapy, the cost of your treatment can be a big question. For those with health insurance, it is important to understand what expenses your insurance will cover and what you will have to pay for out-of-pocket. Physical therapy pricing can vary, and insurance terms & conditions can be confusing, so worrying about cost can cause you undue stress.