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Golf Lessons: Pros, Cons, and Why They Might Be Worth It

December 22nd, 2021 | 4 min. read

Golf Lessons: Pros, Cons, and Why They Might Be Worth It
Mallie Wilson Rickard

Mallie Wilson Rickard

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, DPT // EW Pilates Instructor // EW Yoga Instructor // TPI Level 1 Certified // EW Motion Therapy Homewood

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Golf is a game all about details. You use 14 different clubs, you have to be able to make consistent swings, and it has a complicated scoring system. It is quite a challenge to attempt learning all facets of the game on your own, which is why many golfers take lessons from a swing coach or a licensed golf pro at their facility. 


If you are considering getting lessons, there are a few things you need to think about. How much are you willing to spend on lessons? What are your goals? And why do you want lessons in the first place? 


We work with many golfers here at EW Motion Therapy, and we use our 20+ years of experience to relate the science of anatomy and kinesiology to the game of golf. Through our EW Golf program, we want to help golfers move better so they can swing better. Birmingham is a golfing hub in the southeast, and we want our movement specialists to be trusted members of your coaching team. 


Let’s go through the pros and cons of golf lessons, including a brief explanation of what golf lessons teach. With this information, you can decide whether you want to take that next step to golf better. 


Finding the right golf professional for you is instrumental to your future success. Click here to learn about what you should look for in an instructor/pro.


What exactly are golf lessons?

In a nutshell, golf lessons are all about teaching posture and proper swing mechanics, such as backswing and follow-through. A golf pro or swing coach can teach you how to position yourself so that your drives go precisely where you want them to. You may not think you need this detailed instruction. Still, golf itself is an incredibly detailed game and receiving education on the head-to-toe alignment that will help you make consistent drives can be great for golfers who want to get serious about the game. 


If you are a regular golfer and want to start with some lessons, you can head to the pro shop at your facility to ask your head pro and others who work there for recommendations. They can recommend the best pro for you based on your skill level and your goals. 


Download our Golf Q&A here!


Pros of golf lessons 

Golf lessons can significantly help a player reach their goals. If you are just starting, your pro or swing coach can teach you the fundamentals of the game. If you know the basics but want to improve, they can focus on more advanced techniques, like following through on your swings. Depending on your skill level and goals, they can teach you more about the game and make sure you have a solid foundation to continue learning. 


Golf pros and swing coaches will teach you the minute details of body alignment you need to make effective drives. If one tiny movement is off in your body, the drive you thought would be great may end up in the lake. They can offer hands-on instruction and show you how to position yourself for the best possible drives. 


Cons of golf lessons 

Like many things in life, golf lessons can be expensive. Different facilities can charge different prices, and some upscale places may even include some lessons with their membership fee, but generally, lessons of this kind can get pricey. Before beginning lessons, you must consider how much you are willing to invest your money and time to improve your golf game. 


Additionally, golf lessons may not exactly provide you the answers you are looking for. Remember in math class when you got the correct answer for an equation, but you don’t exactly know why or how you got that answer? The same concept can apply to golf pros and swing coaches who only show you how to position your body and may not discuss the related internal structures. Golf pros and swing coaches can provide beneficial instruction, but if you need help moving better to improve your swing, then a session with a golf movement specialist might be more explanatory.


What if I want something more? 

Now you have a solid list of some of the pros and cons of golf coaching. You can use this information to drive the decisions you make to better your golf game. 


There are five major country clubs in the city of Birmingham alone, and you can feel stuck being overwhelmed with so many options for golf lessons. The next step after choosing the venue for your lessons is selecting the right instructor. Choosing the right instructor for you can be challenging, but you must choose the best guide to assist you on your golf journey. 

Some of our physical therapists here at EW have family members who play golf or are avid golfers themselves, so we understand the physical demands of the game. Through our EW Golf program, we want to help golfers play better. We use our background knowledge in physical therapy to treat imbalances that may be hindering you so that you can play your most efficient game. If you are interested in our EW Golf program and would like to visit one of our motion specialists, fill out the Request an Appointment form on our website, and someone from our staff will contact you within 48 hours with your next steps.

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