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Amanda Krumrie

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, DPT // Clinical Director of EW Motion Therapy Homewood

Personal Training

By: Amanda Krumrie
July 27th, 2023

Cancer, one of the most pervasive health challenges worldwide, affects millions yearly. The search for effective prevention and management strategies continues, and research has shed light on the pivotal role of physical activity in the fight against cancer. Regular exercise has proven benefits in preventing various types of cancer and managing cancer symptoms. We tell our clients at EW Motion Therapy that movement is medicine and can help prevent many health conditions over time. Even if you decide not to pursue physical therapy or personal training with us, you can still read on as we explore the science behind this connection and how physical activity can empower individuals in their battle against cancer.

Physical Therapy

By: Amanda Krumrie
December 16th, 2022

If you are regularly in pain or beginning to lose function in your shoulder, you may be considering a shoulder replacement. Any major surgery is a big decision with many things to plan for, including the time you will be out of work, how long your recovery will take, and the best care team to perform the procedure. Shoulder surgeries, especially, can be complex and require longer recovery and more intensive therapy afterward. So should you get a total shoulder replacement? And how can you best alleviate stress before and after your surgery?

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Physical Therapy

By: Amanda Krumrie
October 18th, 2021

When you begin a physical therapy treatment, it is normal to wonder how long you will need therapy. Will it be four weeks or six? Will I have to take time off of work? Most importantly, how long will it take for me to feel better? We understand how these questions can plague your conscience and cause you anxiety and stress.