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Katherine Stone

Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, DPT // EW Pilates Instructor // Center Coordinator for Clinical Education // Credentialed APTA Clinical Instructor // EW Motion Therapy Homewood

Physical Therapy

By: Katherine Stone
May 4th, 2022

When you have a baby, there are many things going through your mind. You are now responsible for every single need of your tiny, helpless child, as well as the other responsibilities you had before you gave birth. Along the way, it can be so easy to forget to take care of yourself, especially dedicating time to postpartum rehab. But why should you try to work postpartum rehab into your busy schedule? Is it even worth it? 

Physical Therapy

By: Katherine Stone
April 27th, 2022

If you have just had a new baby, you probably have a million thoughts running through your mind. You have just put your body through one of the most intense experiences a woman can ever have, and come out of it with a new baby who needs around the clock attention. With this much responsibility on your shoulders, it can be hard to focus on recovery that your own body needs and is undergoing, whether you delivered vaginally or had a C-section. One condition that can present postpartum is diastasis recti, but how do you know you even have the condition? And what are your treatment options? 

Physical Therapy | Personal Training

By: Katherine Stone
February 9th, 2022

There are many things you can do during pregnancy to help yourself and your baby stay happy and healthy. Eating nutritious foods, getting a healthy amount of sleep, and avoiding large amounts of caffeine and alcohol can all help your body support the baby and give them the nutrients they need. Many women wish to improve or maintain their personal fitness during pregnancy, but there has been some debate about whether it is safe for the baby. So what exercise can you do?